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Northern Virginia Strategies Group

The beauty of Self-Direction is that you can use your own strategy. Come learn from our Power User, Joe Facenda, how he utilizes his Self-Directed IRA and what his strategy is for investing in real estate.

Northern Virginia Strategy Group – VIRTUAL

This is an Investment Strategies networking group for the Northern Virginia area and a place to meet investors who have the same interests as you. This is a structured networking event. Nothing to sell, no sales pitches, no books, no boot camps, no DVDs, no class time.

Northern Virginia Strategy Group

Note Investing & Private Lending with Your Self-Directed IRA. At our next IRA Strategies meeting, John “Jack” Kiley, CPA, CISP of MidAtlantic IRA will take a close look at note investing and private lending within a self-directed retirement account.

Northern Virginia Strategies Group

What’s your real estate investing strategy? Wholesaling? Rehabbing? Buy-and-hold? You can use a self-directed IRA with virtually all strategies to help you reap profits plus tax advantages.

Northern Virginia Strategies Group

As we enter the last quarter of the year, it’s a good time to think about whether your business should add a retirement plan. All businesses from sole proprietors to corporations have retirement plan options. We’ll teach and discuss the options and whether you can self-direct those plans.