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Open A Roth IRA

The Steps

1. Download the forms on this page as they are required to open a Roth Self-Directed IRA.

2. Fill out your forms on the computer or by hand. You will have to print out and sign these documents by hand before mailing.

3. We recommend you send copies before sending the originals, as we can confirm if any changes need to be made. You can email them to accounts@midatlanticira.com

4. Send your original forms with signatures (keep a copy for yourself), a clear copy of your drivers license and any additional documents to:

    • MidAtlantic IRA, LLC
      Opening Accounts Department
      118 West Church Street
      Frederick, MD 21701


Some Things To Keep In Mind:

There are a few regulations attendant to opening a new account that we must be sure you are in compliance with.

• In order to open an account with us, original signatures are required on documents so facsimile and scanned email copies are not acceptable. We do suggest sending us the completed documents via email (accounts@midatlanticira.com) for review before sending us the necessary originals.

• There is a 30-calendar day window in which the application is valid. If we are waiting on additional documents and the original application reaches day 31 we must start the application process over.

• Once your account is opened, with all of the proper paper work, you will have ninety days to fund the account. If your account is not funded within ninety days, our bank will require that your account be closed.

• Lastly, there is a seven business day right of rescission rule imposed by the Internal Revenue Service which means you have seven business days to change your mind. Subsequently, we do not allow the disbursement of funds for investments during this time period. The seven business day clock begins from date we receive your original new account application.


Have Questions?

If you have any further questions about completing the documents feel free to reach out to Sioban Kiley at 240/575.3880 ext. 209 or accounts@midatlanticira.com.



Don’t Forget To Include:


  • Your Social Security Number and Drivers License to verify your identity
  • Names and dates of birth for anyone designated as Beneficiaries
  • Tax ID Number or Date of Trusts for any trusts to be designated as Beneficiaries