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This course is designed for those who understand the basics and desire to dig a little deeper. In Level II – Self-Directed Bootcamp we will introduce Advanced Strategies used by real estate investors, entrepreneurs and seasoned self-directed retirement plan users. If you are ready to level up and to maximize your retirement plan’s potential.

Our Level 2 Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You understand the basics or took our Level I – Bootcamp and are ready to jump to the next level and become the expert in Self-Directed IRA’s.
  • You have an investment in mind, but want to understand the strategy behind it.
  • You want to up-level your current portfolio using Advanced Strategies in self-direction.

This is what you’ll get:

  • A 4-hour interactive Level II – Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp with expert John “Jack” Kiley, CPA, CISP
  • Workbook and Handouts for you to reference when building your deal structure.
  • Question & Answer opportunities to walk through specific investment examples.
  • Learn from experts in the Self-Directed IRA world and tap into their experience.
  • A full recording of the virtual event.

Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp Level 1 Details:

Saturday, May 14th | 10am – 2pm ET

This Virtual Bootcamp will be hosted using the platform Demio. You’ll have the ability to use your camera and microphone to interact with us virtually during this Bootcamp. A Chat Box is also available. We will also send a Troubleshooting Guide prior to the event in case you run into issues.

Sounds great. I’m ready to sign up.

Let’s Take a Deeper Look:

Level II – Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp is designed for those who want to take the next step towards maximizing their retirement plan’s potential. Our half day program is designed to be interactive and allow you to ask questions directly to our experts. You will learn some of the Advanced Strategies in IRA self-direction utilized by seasoned self-directed retirement plan users. We will discuss different structures for holding investments as well as how to partner retirement plan funds with others. Real estate investors understand the power of leverage … and so do seasoned self directed users. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Investing and the use of leverage.
  • Who to partner retirement plan funds and what structures to use.
  • Partnering with Family members and other disqualified persons.
  • Potential tax issues regarding certain strategies