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Baltimore Strategies Group

It’s time to round up 2020 with a Tax Update. There have been a myriad of individual, business and retirement plan tax law changes during the year. Come learn whether you’ve made the proper moves and whether there is anything you need to do prior to year-end to be properly positioned for 2021.

Baltimore Strategies Group – Back to Basics

This month, we’ll be discussing how Self-Directed IRAs can save you money and yield a wealth building dividend. Jack will put his CPA hat on and show you how Self-Directed IRAs could help lower your overall tax burden.

Baltimore Strategies Group

As we enter the last quarter of the year, it’s a good time to think about whether your business should add a retirement plan. All businesses from sole proprietors to corporations have retirement plan options. We’ll teach and discuss the options and whether you can self-direct those plans.

Baltimore Strategies Group – Rehabbing in a Self-Directed IRA

Are you a rehabber with most of your capital tied up in retirement plans or a rehabber without any retirement plan? Come join us to learn how to solve both problems and gain insight on how to make the most of rehabbing in your Self-Directed IRA.

Baltimore Strategies Group – Virtual

Did you know IRAs can borrow money to purchase assets? Real estate investors understand the power of leverage and the sharp ones have been doing this inside their self-directed IRA. Join us and understand the proper techniques to do it right.

Baltimore Strategies Group Meeting

Over the past several years, note investing and private lending have become popular within self-directed accounts. Many investors have been able to earn better returns than stocks and bonds without the volatility of those markets. Come join us to learn exactly what...

Introduction to Self-Directed IRA’s – Baltimore, MD

If you are still sitting on the launching pad, fueled and ready to go but……your countdown has been halted, we invite you out Tuesday night to get your rocket lit. This meeting is about action right now. Do not wait any longer. Come hear about the things...