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Workshop Registration

Networking and Investing Event
March 31, 2012

Financial Freedom Workshop Series
Networking and Investment Event

This is the Event Clients have requested!

  • Growing your Real Estate Business
    with your Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)
  • Partner with other Self-Directed IRAs
  • Learn to be a Networking Powerhouse
  • Network with the people who are successful
  • Advanced strategies for building your Wealth
  • Market Opportunities

There is $13 Trillion in Retirement Plans today
19,000 Baby Boomers reach age 65 each day
1 Year CD Yields 1% or Less

You must learn how to use a SDIRA for your own investments AND you must learn how to tell this story to others. Your future partners may very likely be SDIRA candidates. Do you see the opportunity?

Come learn about the opportunity and learn how to share the opportunity.

You must come prepared to network like you have never networked before. Meet other participants. Share information, share your ideas and share your contacts.

There is a Pre-Workshop Individual Profile that must be completed by you before the event. The profile will be used to accelerate your networking opportunities during the day’s events. The profile will be sent out as soon as your registration is received.


7:30 Introduction to Self-Directed IRA’s (SDIRA)
(This is a special session for those new to the SDIRA)
8:15 Registration
9:00 Power Networking
10:00 Networking Session I
11:00 Advanced IRA Strategies
12:00 Lunch and Networking Session II
1:00 Today’s Market
2:00 Networking Session III

You can’t put a value on this event
What you learn could change your business. Who you meet could put you on a new path with a direction you never thought possible.

We are confident that your results
will be astounding!

We will guarantee your satisfaction!

Here is the whole package!

The Saturday workshop, with the agenda above, the opportunity to meet people who will change your investment business, the workbook, an invaluble tax guide, full breakfast, lunch and valet parking is all included.

The workshop investment is $179.00.

We want you to make a huge leap in your business development so if you register before March 11th, we will give you the benefit of the workshop for $125.00

And just to be clear, if you are not satisfied with the Workshop let us know afterwards and we will give your registration fee back.

Grow your real estate Business