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Kansas City Strategies Group – VIRTUAL

Did you know IRAs can borrow money to purchase assets? Real estate investors understand the power of leverage and the sharp ones have been doing this inside their self-directed IRA. Join us and understand the proper techniques to do it right.

CANCELLED – Kansas City Strategies Group Meeting

Over the past several years, note investing and private lending have become popular within self-directed accounts. Many investors have been able to earn better returns than stocks and bonds without the volatility of those markets. Come join us to learn exactly what...

Kansas City Meetup – Tax Law Changes for 2019 & 2020

We’ll discuss the tax law changes from last year as well as new legislation and how it will impact you individually, in your business and in your retirement plan. Understanding your tax position will help you- especially as we enter an election year in 2020.

Learn what changes are important to you and if you need to do anything to re-position yourself.