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“Get Fundable” with Merrill Chandler

Two things are in limited supply for real estate investors. One is time the other is money. There are myriad of systems for time management but understanding your ‘fundability’ can be a mystery. Many ‘Gurus’ leave this critical part of the equation for you to figure out. On February 9, 2021, we will be sitting down with Merrill Chandler, to discuss what banks are looking for and what you need to do to be attractive to them. Learn how your business can attract lines of credit and improve your access to credit.

Interview Series – Texas Tax Deeds

This strategy has been around for many years but, sadly, few investors really know how to utilize it. The process can be complicated and convoluted. We will be discussing this strategy with one of the experts in the field, Arnie Abramson, CEO of Texas Tax Sales Resource Group, LLC. His Company has been utilizing this strategy since 1992. Arnie has sat on the boards of many REIAs, been quoted in several publications, and as an acknowledged expert in the industry. Arnie will discuss the difference between tax liens and tax deeds and walk us through what can be a complicated process.