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Self-Directing Your IRA

Investing in what you know best is part of the power of a Self-Directed IRA. A truly Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest in assets that are alternatives of conventional stocks, bonds and mutual funds. These assets, which are also approved by the IRS, include real estate, notes, private placements, gold, natural resources and much more. Many types of IRA accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Individual 401(k), SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA) have the capability of being self-directed.

What We Offer

At MidAtlantic IRA, we allow to you to invest in any asset that is permitted by the IRS. Some of your investment options include:

Real Estate
Private Stock
Precious Metals
Oil and Gas
Raw Land

White Papers

How to Partner with Your Own Self-Directed IRA

By John “Jack” F. Kiley, CPA, CISP Partner / MidAtlantic IRA, LLC    Partnering with your own Self-Directed IRA is just one strategy that I’ve seen more and more investors implement to try to help boost their retirement savings. Simply put, this strategy combines...

Does Converting to a Roth IRA Make Sense for You?

By John “Jack” F. Kiley, CPA, CISP Managing Partner / MidAtlantic IRA, LLC Periodically, the question arises of whether or not you should convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Generally, clients must “crunch the numbers” to decide whether or not this makes...

Six Reasons to use IRAs for Real Estate Investing

Did you know you can use IRAs (your own or someone else’s) to invest in real estate? Here are some reasons to consider doing this: By John “Jack” F. Kiley, CPA, CISP Managing Partner / MidAtlantic IRA, LLC   Real Estate is what you know best. You have a special...

How to Purchase Real Estate Using your MidAtltantic IRA Plan

By John “Jack” F. Kiley, CPA, CISP Managing Partner / MidAtlantic IRA, LLC   Setting up an Account: The first step is to establish a Self-Directed Retirement Account (IRA). This account may be a Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE or any other type of self-directed...

Three Steps to Take Before Investing with your Self-Directed IRA

By John “Jack” F. Kiley, CPA, CISP Managing Partner / MidAtlantic IRA, LLC I've come to notice that one of people’s main concerns when looking into investing with their Self-Directed IRAs is not how to go about doing so, but how to spot a scam throughout the process....

Tax Bites

Taking Distributions From Your Traditional IRA

Prudently planning how to take money out of your traditional IRA can mean more money for you and your heirs. Here are three areas to understand in order to maximize your retirement savings.