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Real Estate Money MeetUp – Washington DC


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Real Estate Money MeetUp - Washington DC
This is a real estate investor networking group for the Greater Washington DC area.

A place to meet investors who have dollars available for real estate projects. A meeting for investors who have projects. This is a structured networking event. No presentations, no sales pitches, no class time. Powerhouse networking, this is where the money meets the deal. Private investment dollars, retirement plan dollars or those with any source of investment dollars, all are welcomed.

We regularly hear from clients that they want to meet other people who have similar goals and interest. During our other educational events participants always request more networking time. So, here it is. All networking and no distractions.

It has been said many times that your networth is a reflection of your network.Come to this meetup. Learn how others network, improve your own network.

Basic rules for success:

  1. Come prepared, have business cards, bring something to take notes with, rehearse your introduction.
  2. Know how you can help others and how they can help you.
  3. This time is not about selling deals it is about meeting people; sale the deals during your followup.
  4. Have a followup plan in place.
  5. Invite someone already in your network, be a go giver to become a go getter.

Real Estate Money Meetup!


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